Residence Pass Malaysia Talent

Residence Pass – Talent (RP-T) is a 10-year multiple entry visa which is employer-independent, targeting top foreign talents in NKEA sectors. If you are a high-achieving individual with the capacity to drive business results that contribute towards Malaysia’s economic transformation then you may apply for the RP-T.

With the Malaysia Residence Pass Talent (RP-T), expats’ spouses and children under 18 are also permitted to further their studies or to seek employment, albeit the latter option is only available to the spouse. Furthermore, expats that hold an RP-T make it possible for their dependent family members over 18, such as parents and parents-in-law, to be entitled for a five year social visit pass.

To be eligible for the Residence Pass, applicants need to be highly skilled individuals possessing the necessary professional qualifications, work experience (Minimum 5 years of total work experience and 3 years of Malaysian working experience), and hold a valid Employment Pass at the time of application.

Benefits of Residence Pass – Talent include:

  • The holder will be allowed to stay and work in Malaysia for 10 years (with an option to renew).
  • The holder’s spouse and children below 18 years old will also be given the Residence Pass. The spouse will also be able to work in Malaysia.
  • The RP-T is personal to holder.
  • Dependents over 18-years old, parents and parents-in-law would be eligible for a 5-year Social Visit Pass.

To qualify for a RP-T, applicants must meet the following criteria:

  • Have worked in Malaysia for 3 years.
  • Hold a valid Employment Pass at the time of application. (Employed)
  • Hold a PhD/Master’s/Degree or Diploma in any discipline from a recognised university or a professional/competency certificate from a recognised professional institute.
  • Possess 5 years of total work experience.
  • Earn a basic monthly salary of RM15,000.
  • Have an income tax file number in Malaysia and have paid income tax for at least 2 years.