Employment Pass Malaysia

Any foreign investor, professional, manager or highly skilled worker intending to work in Malaysia requires an Employment Pass (EP). Many foreigners often wrongly refer to this as a Malaysia Work Permit. A work permit is generally for labour workers only. A Malaysian work visa for any professional or managerial work is called an Employment Pass (EP).

An Employment Pass (EP) can be obtained for a duration minimum duration of 1 month and up to maximum of 5 years, subject to approval.. There are 3 Employment Pass categories. Employment Pass Category I (EPI) is for expatriates with basic monthly salary of MYR10,000.00 and above. Employment Pass Category II (EPII) applicants are those that offer a monthly basic salary of MYR5,000.00 to MYR9,999.99. Holders of both these Employment Pass (EP) categories are eligible to apply for Dependent Pass (DP) The Dependent Pass (DP) will be granted for the spouse and children (up to a maximum of 18 years old) of the Employment Pass (EP) holder. Documents to prove that these are the true family members of the Employment Pass (EP) holder are required to apply for any Dependent Pass (DP). Lastly, to apply for the Employment Pass Category III (EPIII), the employer will require prior approval from the Ministry of Home Affairs (MOHA). This Employment Pass category is for skilled workers earning between MYR3,000.00 to MYR4999.99. Employment Pass Category I and II are renewable provided all the necessary conditions are fulfilled. Employment Pass Category III (EPIII) is renewable up to maximum of two times only.